Trouble with Android ADT v14

I’m sure that some of you who have updated to the latest version of the Android development tools have found a rather annoying problem. I, like them, found that when I created a new project, I could not launch it on an emulator or a real device. If this is you, you’ve probably seen an extensive error message in the output window starting with the message: ERROR: Unknown command ‘crunch’.

While Googling the problem I found many answers ranging from problems with svn, build settings, and resource folders. However, none of these prevailed me much, but I finally found a solution.

Apparently when I downloaded the 4.0 SDK, I did not update some of the other packages. So to fix this problem, open your Android Package Manager and check for updates. You will need to update “Android SDK Platform-tools” (under Tools) and “Android Compatibility package” (under Extras).

You may need other packages, so download anything that says “update available” next to it.

I hope that this will do you as much as it did for me!